About Us

Tylor And Heather

Heather and I live in Fort Wayne, IN with our cat, George.
In our spare time, we listen to music. We love all genres. We believe that music is the gateway to the soul.
When I am not working as a hospice nurse, I spend my spare time listening to music and capturing images with my Nikon D5300 camera. I take pictures of the wildlife in my backyard and flowers in my garden. I love to take photos from a youthful perspective.
My partner, Heather, has always been a huge supporter of my career and hobbies. She’s always giving me new ideas of images to capture.


George, our 14 year old Bengal cat sometimes behaves like a kitten. He is jealous of anything that doesn’t have to do with him, especially my camera. He loves to photobomb my pictures of flowers.