Backyard Photography – Flowers – Macro

As the birds are chirping above me, I am reminded of how my journey of photography began, MACRO Photography.
By giving the photo a youthful perspective, I have given you a new way to see the world.


Coneflower Nikon D7500

You can see the ’pistils’ as a child would while playing ”he loves me, he loves me not.”

Macro lily Nikon D7500

Tiger lily D7500

Lily Nikon D7500

Queen Anne’s Lace (below) is considered a weed, but I find it a lovely example of our planets incredible beauty even amongst the smallest and often overlooked corners of nature.

Queen Anne’s Lace Nikon D7500

Backyard Photography – Bird Personalities Captured

Photo by Tylor J Birmingham
Baby bird : ”but mooooommm!” Momma Bird : ”…”

After my work week is over, I grab my camera and head to the backyard, more than ready to unwind. There is something about listening to the bird’s singing I find most relaxing and wholly comforting.

Photo by Tylor J Birmingham
“Look at me!” Male bluebird seeking the attentions of a female
“What’s a guy gotta do!?”
Photo by tylor J Birmingham
”She sees me she sees me! Wait.. now what?”

As I watch and listen contentedly, I’ve learned that the singing and chirping of the birds, which brings me such peace, reflects the birds personalities. There are whole conversations I can be privy to if I am patient enough to pay attention. These can be a feisty child and their mom, as you saw previously, to a young man trying to find the right mate and getting ignored, or a gossipy bunch of ”hens in the hen house” or rather, birds in the bird bath.

Photo by Tylor J Birmingham
“Splash pad!”


“ A picture is worth 1000 words.“

Photo by Tylor J Birmingham