Mind’s Eye View Photo

As I patientły wait for the bird to land on a specific branch, I remember the simple mantra, ”Mind’s eye view”

”Mind’s Eye” according to Merriam Webster, is defined as the mental faculty of conceiving imaginary scene. ”View” is to survey or examine mentally. Together, ”Mind’s Eye View” is an idea that through the mind’s eye we can create a beautiful visual and bring it to life through photography.

When you imagine visualize create you’re in a zone I call, ”Mind’s Eye View.”

Behind every photo of mine is an example of ”Minds Eye View” Photo.

Imagine, Visualize, Create


”to form a mental image”

Before I take a photo I imagine what the outcome if the photo will be.


”To form an image through the eye” 

I visualize the outcome of the picture


”to bring something into existence” 

Finally, I capture the photo and create a mind’s eye view photo.

The the notion of ”Mind’s Eye View” Photo can easily be applied to any other active imagination.

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